A sudden increase of traffic to poker forum

We all knew that the season is coming but no one expected that the ratio of users will grow this much high that it will exceed the expectations of the owner of the poker forum. This time on New Year and on Christmas the poker forum is offering something marvelous which I guess any poker lover will not miss at all. Many experts were concerned with the launch of the marvelous poker forum bonuses and New Year’s promotions but after se the traffic ratio to the poker they all got amazed. The owner said: “I never thought that my site will have got this much response when I announced the 50% to 80% bonus scheme online. I am glad and on other hand surprised that this nothing new this time I always offered great bonuses to my users but I guess my users also realized that poker forum is the only right place to gamble and to have fun as well.”

But the amazing thing is that it is not just about the promotions and the bonuses the poker forum and revised the pay rolls of all its users whether they were active or not means every user has got some percent of money in their online accounts in celebration of Christmas that is one of the biggest reason why people are coming back to get entertained with that little amount of money. All players know that the little amount at poker forum could sometimes make them win big as well. It is well said that if a person come to poker forum he will never go out empty handed if he had played something at casino.


How to bet at online poker forum on no limit table


No limit is one of the most difficult games considered in online poker forum. It is not easy to deal with it that is the reason in old time very less people were found on this table. And same is the case in online poker; people think it is impossible to play on no limit table at online poker forum, although nothing is like this. If proper strategies followed here you cannot just play the game but also can win it. For those who have been building pay roll for just this table they need to understand few other things before they invest money on this game.

In no limit game player can make unlimited bets not like other games that your get bound of making certain bets. A player can bet as much as he wants, all depends how much money he has in front of him. So it is important while playing no limit game always choose that table on which players are sitting having similar pay roll like yours. As a player with limited pay roll would never want his opponents to make too big bets which he can’t afford. This is the reason people get afraid of playing no limit games.

Other thing is that before you start playing this game one should know his skill level. Of course there are certain skill levels which one knows it becomes better and easy for him to play on table with other players. These games always get competitive at some point and at that point only that person wins who has lots of money to throw on table.

Poker Forum; it is always better to gamble from home

The tradition of gambling at casinos is changing a lot these days , in fact it has already changed a lot now. People feel more comfortable to gamble form home instead of going to the land based casinos. It is kind of more easy to play from home it is my personal opinion but as per the survey is made all the people who loved to play low stakes game now stay home and play online this help them when even more than the really casinos. Initially 50% percent of players left gambling at land base casinos. Now recently percentage is about 90%. People say it is better to gamble online rather sitting at a casino and making bad faces or feeling humiliated when losing the game. Playing online is also not an easy task as people think now and this is the reason that the ratio of failure are increasing rapidly.

When I started playing online poker initially it was very hard for me to understand the game and it was also very hard to win the games although I was quiet good at playing poker when I played it at land casinos. But now I have also become so good at playing poker at online casinos and all thanks to poker forum. Poker forum actually helped me out a lot when I started playing online many people suggested me to go to different forums and get to know different tricks and deals about playing online poker. I went through many online forums, articles nothing helped me so much how much help I got from Poker forum.

Poker forum has great things in it such as the discussion boards, about 300 types of games and each game has some further step categories. Reading and going through such kind of forums is very helpful. There other thing for which I love this forum is that its fully secured. Recently a rumor came into being the some web developers has built software which will play against human being for human being. The poker forum immediately set some check on their website which actually detects that where which id is a really human and which one is bot.

This step is not impossible to do as the poker forum has suddenly brings up the word checker in which the user has to enter the word shown up in the image. While this thing is going on the game is freeze behind so that no effect may come on the game. Such kind of things actually helps the user to build trust on some website and it is really helpful for all of us as well.

Have a Safe Online Gambling Experience

There are thousands of fans and lovers of online poker who are gambling online by using their hard earned money and their personal information. Before going to an online site and risking your hard earned money, you should clear some important points about the safety of online gambling. As you know internet is available to the public well and with the introduction of the latest technology and due to vast development in technology, one can see all of your personal info such as your poker hands by using some tracking software. In order to keep safe from any type of tracking, you should follow some functional tips.


Along with this, you can also get help from the famous poker pros, you can find them in a good online poker forum without any complicatedness. First of all, you should spend little more time on searching the best and legit poker room to open an account and risk your money. On the internet, you will locate such a great number of online poker sites that just focus on their own profit and ignore the player’s interest that is so much important. But there are just a few sites that are truly working for the players and for their priorities as well. You should find the site that has a classy and exclusive system to protect your information and funds.

There are some leading and top online poker sites that are using the latest technology so that no one can get access to your hands and other info. In order to find the best online poker site, you can guide yourself by joining online poker forums and having discussion with senior poker players who are very familiar with some poker sites. They can help you a lot in this regard. There are many sites that exclusively give you thorough reviews of different online poker sites. In these reviews, overall ranking are also listed, this point can help you in tracing best online poker site. The number of players also plays an important role in the safety of this site, sites having great players traffic are more reliable than other online sites.

Furthermore, sites that are in the online gambling industry for a long time will surely more reliable in keeping your funds quite secure. After choosing the site, you need to make a thorough visit of this site. Checking the Terms and Condition section of the site will facilitate you more. Usually an online poker site uses a third party for the purpose of software, make sure the third party whose software your selected site is using is well known and celebrated. The largest poker sites are more trustworthy to play and depositing your money for example Party Poker and PokerStars are the loyal and leading online poker sites. Many players can attest and give the assurance that these sites are quite safe and best option for those who want safe online gambling. Players searching for an authentic poker sites should visit online poker forums that are the great source of information about the online poker world.

What is Poker Bankroll Management?

Poker is overflowing with thousands of its fans who love this game more than anything. Where there are many winning players, there are also some losing poker players who frequently lose their game just due to poor management of their bankroll. Poker bankroll management is equally crucial for winning and average poker players. Poker bankroll management is the key to success especially in no limit Holdem game.

Basically bankroll is a specific amount of money that a player set aside exclusively for playing poker and poker bankroll management is a procedure by which you come to a decision which amount of your money you have to risk in your poker game. There are two types of players, the first one is the players who are playing just for enjoyment and the second one is the players who are playing for huge income. For those who are playing to maximize their income should gain the skills of managing their poker bankroll. For this purpose you should join an online poker forum that is the most outstanding and great place for all the learners of poker.


In limit and no limit cash games, there are different skills of managing poker bankroll. In limit cash games, your bankroll should be consisted of 300 big bets, in this way if your bankroll is 150 dollars then a good game would be .25/.50 to play. But in no limit cash games, statistics should be changed because no limit cash games are much more unstable and unpredictable. The main reason why you should be careful in these limits and no limit cash game is their variance. The word variance denotes the ups and down of poker. This is the place where a player shifted from the bad runs of cards to good runs of cards.

The variance decides the profits and losses of the poker player. Whenever you sit at a poker table no matter it is online or live, you want to win the game constantly and this is the place where the skills of managing poker bankroll come into play. An online poker forum will definitely help you in getting hold of poker bankroll management skills and there is no doubt that you will feel the decision of joining a forum was the best ever decision in your poker life. In a tournament game, I suggest that you have a bankroll that will give you 40 buy-ins and obviously this is the level that you want to play. For that reason you should have a bankroll of $440 if you want to play in the $10+$1 Sit n Go’s tournaments. If you want to be successful and winning poker players in every single one game of poker, you should grow and develop your bankroll managing skills that will surely maximize your chances of winning the game because poker bankroll managements has its own great importance if the game. Before going to sit any poker table, make you have an enough amount of money at the hand because the swings can become so high a small bankroll will not be able to handle it.

Legal Online Poker In U.S. – Decision Is Just A Month Away!

Is poker about to be legalized in U.S.? Every poker player and poker fan is waiting to witness this historic happening. The bill is in Senate and has long list of supporters as well as opponents. Everyone wants to know the updates of the bill and also waiting when the game would be declared legal in U.S.

poker variety of hands

The bill was presented by Senators Jon Kyl and Harry Reid in July. In August, There was some positive discussion in the Senate, among online poker business owners, and advocates of the game to get it legalized within U.S., and the websites should have to be operated from the jurisdiction of U.S. Senate has put the decision pending until end of the Presidential Elections (recently ending at Obama’s victory).

What will happen with the bill? The concerned parties are worried enough. They are already suffering from UIGEA Act and want some sympathetic hearing from the Senate. It’s not just the gambling sites to be hurt by the decision about new bill, as many are based in Barbuda, Antigua, and Kahnwake, inviting U.S. players to come and join the exciting poker events.

According to casino owners, there are specific portions in the to-be-passed bill that could affect their revenue. More than revenue, there are certain consequences of the bill that poker business owners and the players may have to face. The bill will replace Wire Act, 1961, and Illegal Gambling Business Act, 1970.

According to the bill, most of the online gambling forms will be prohibited, other than the ones included in exception. The exceptions include online lottery tickets, wagering the off-track horseracing, and licensed poker game. At one point, it will enable everyone in U.S. to play poker online, but at the other point, it will also put fine on people who play poker at illegal poker sites and make money out of their game.

For the legal status of online poker, a website will need to be based in U.S., and at one-step further, it will go at the State level. It will affect Barbuda and Antigua the worst, as all the websites based from outside U.S. will be declared illegal after the bill is passed. Antigua is earning $1 billion GDP from the online gambling sites and passing the bill means it will lose that big revenue source.

Internet gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection, and Strengthening UIGEA Act, 2011, will bring a remarkable change in the online poker industry in U.S. It will also direct how each State will deal with the online poker sites independently. It seems that U.S. poker market will become more open for the online poker business owners as hundreds of new websites will enter the competition with legal status. Many have started showing their presence in any reputed online poker forum.

It’s not just the business owners or the States benefitting from the online poker, the bill will also affect the poker players. They would be allowed to play poker online without any fears of being banned or of being caught in illegal moneymaking. However, they will have to play at legal online poker sites only. States would also generate more revenue out of the games offered to the U.S. poker players, as each site will have to be registered to get the legal status.

It would hardly take a month to reach at the final decision whether poker will be declared as legal in U.S. or the business owners will have to look for other options as they are doing already. Wait and see what will happen with the online gambling bill and who will succeed, the opponents or the advocates.


Poker Bad Beats – 5 Tips To Deal With Bad Beats

For poker players at eh start up, it’s not easy to tackle the bad beats. There come more chances of ‘all-in’ ahead, upsetting the player. However, it’s not the thing to worry about as every poker player becomes professional with time and use the right set of strategies to claim the winning position.

In poker, bad beats are normal to come. There is no place for a thought that certain pot is for a certain player. For a player, this proves to be dangerous. If all-in comes against flush draw, a player might lose the pot 27% of the total time. It’s important to consider that it happens frequently and there is no need to tilt while facing a bad beat. Here are 5 tips to deal with bas beats in poker game.

1-      What Blind Size To Raise?

For in position, a player should go for 3 big blinds and 1 big blind per limer; whereas, for out of position, it should be 4 big blinds and 1 big blind per limper. Why to raise more out of a position? There are two reasons for that; one is to encourage the pot for headsup only, the other reason is the player might have stronger hand out of position, compared to on the button.

2-      Keep An Eye On The Process, Not On The Results

Many talented poker players look for the results, instead of focusing the process. A player should focus on the ways to maximize the strength of any hand. The thinking of losing attached to bad game should be ignored at all. It’s all normal to play perfect, but still lose due to bad beat and to win because of the perfect game.

3-      Bad Beats Attract Fish Players

In poker, where shark players have more winning chances, fish come to try their luck. Bad beats are a big attraction for the fish players because they have more winning chances. So, consider bad beat as a source to attract the fish players and make the poker room crowded, but not with expert ones.

4-      Consider Bad Beat As An Opportunity

Bad beats are not bad at all, if these are considered as an opportunity. It’s a test to check whether a player tilts or not. Not tilting means a player has made some money out of the pot. If a player doesn’t tilt, but the opponents tilt, the former player is declared as winner. Learn more about bad beats from a poker forum online.


5-      Decide About The Money You Can Lose

Before entering the poker tables online, decide about your finances. How much money you can afford to lose in the game? Decide about that in advance. Once you have reached that limit, quit the game.

Now, are you worried about bad beats of the poker game? You shouldn’t, as you know how good it is to have bad beats and how to get maximum advantages out of the bad beat. It’s about accepting the realities of the poker game and tackling with them wisely.